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Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle [Hedkandi]

I'm Mark Doyle created HedKandi and does a bit of DJ'ing here and there..

Spent nearly all of my life DJ'ing, Around 1996 I began work for Jazz.fm helping them market their CD releases and very quickly became head of the label. I compiled, designed and marketed a successful series of CD's for them and when they asked if I had any other ideas I suggested a dance label that would be a quality collectible series with full 12" mixes and amazing artwork. I called it HedKandi and that was the beginning of 50 compilations that sold millions worldwide. We also produced events and I used my DJ knowledge to put together a team of HedKandi DJ's and between us we played all over the world.

Around 2001 Jazz FM was taken over by the Guardian Group and although it offered more stability and finance for the label it made me realise that I would never actually own a piece of what I created. In 2005 I made the difficult decision to leave HedKandi and start my own independent label. Unfortunately we spent the next 6 months in legal issues with HedKandi which stopped us doing any real business. When the case was settled I had to start all over again and Fierce Angel was born.

At the same time the Guardian Group had decided that HedKandi should be under the control of a proper record label and so in early 2006 sold it to Ministry Of Sound.

Fierce Angel released 30 compilations and over 25 artist projects. Fierce Angel appears at events all over the world and our radio show is broadcast in over 20 countries on over 38 stations.

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