• FAQ - Listen on iTunes

    Q. How can I connect to 1Mix Radio using iTunes?
    A. Follow the instructions below.
    Open up iTunes, Top left corner, you will see (three dots) click that and hit Internet Radio
    Hit Electronica
    Go down until you see 1Mix Radio
    = Enjoy!
  • FAQ - What bitrate should I use

    Q: What does bitrate mean?

    A: Bitrate, is a term used to describe the amount of bits per second used to store/encode the audio information being streamed or saved in an audio file. In the MP3 format, generally, 192 kbps is considered CD quality. 128kbps is considered near CD quality. 1Mix Radio streams in 32/128/192/256/320kbs qualities
  • FAQ: I see several choices to listen to. What’s the difference?

    A: One option is picking which bitrate to use. What is the bitrate you ask? You’ll see it listed as a number such as 64k, 128k etc. The higher the number or bitrate, the better the quality of the audio stream.

    .Q: So why would I listen to a lower quality stream? Good question.

    A: The reason is that you may not have a fast enough internet connection to listen to the best quality. Generally what would happen in that case is the audio would play a bit, stop for a little and play again. This would repeat continuously. The second option is picking a stream to listen to is less technical. You’ll see links for several audio players that are common. Only one comes with Windows and you should have it on your system and that is Windows Media Player. There are also other links to popular players such as iTunes, WinAmp and Real Player. If in doubt about what you have then pick Windows Media Player.

    Also if you enjoy listening to 1Mix Radio on an app in your car; it is highly recommend to use a lower bitrate. This will eliminate buffering of the music while driving through different cell masts.

    Finally, if you find the lower bit rate quality acceptable, you will use less data, which is important on a metered connection.
  • FAQ - Information for Artists

    Promotion of your show

    Artists are encouraged to put as much promotional effort as possible into maximising the exposure of their shows.

    Here are some suggestions:

    Twitter Live TracklistingsYou can raise the awareness of your show to not only your own followers, but also those of the artists who’s tracks you play, and their followers.

    Live posting of tracklists should follow this syntax:NP: 01 Artist Name @artisttwitter – Track Title #label #showname @1mixradio [plus any other relevant # you can fit in]

    Facebook EventMany artists create an event page for their shows to which they can invite all thier followers to like and comment on.

    An event page also gives you a meeting place for you to chat with friends and followers during your show. Many artists prepare artwork before their show to post with live tracklistings on facebook.

    We advise Facebook users to install the free Chrome addon Invite All, which enables you to send mass invites to all your followers.

    We hope this guide helps you with your promotional efforts.

    Instructions for residents:

    Every resident of our radio station has a personal account on our ftp server.

    Go to your ftp-account:To connect to the FTP server, we advise you to use one of these programs:-FileZilla (free), CuteFtp, SmartFtp.

    Connection Settings (sent to you by e-mail):Host adress / Address: upload.1mix.co.ukUsername / Login / Username: Your usernamePassword / Password: your passwordLeave the default port 21.

    Once connected, you will see an empty folder, it is your personal directory for your radio show. This is where you upload your show to, there is no need to create any new folders. Remember that only the mix that is in your root directory will play!

    The name of the mix:Artist @yourtwitter – Name of the Radio show – Episode, for example:-DJ Yourname @djyourname – Radioshow Episode 001. Please also ensure that the artist name, twitter and title are entered in the ID3 tags to ensure the correct information displays on our players.

    Mandatory requirements for the mix:Quality: at least 320 kbitsDuration: The agreed duration of your radio show. There should be no deviations in time, otherwise playback will be cut at the end of your mix!!Format: MP3 ONLY and no other! Do not upload your mix as a ZIP/RAR file as this will not play!Important: Remove old mixes before the time of your broadcast, in order to prevent a repeat of the same file!

    1Mix Radio is an Internet Radio Station which plays Uplifting, Vocal, Euphoric Trance on our Trance stream, and Progressive Trance and House music on our House/EDM stream.

    The function of 1Mix Radio is to assist artists by promoting their music in the form of shows, reviews and interviews. The music you play should be from fellow artists who give their consent to inclusion in your show and should be free from any restrictions or royalties. Please ensure that this is the case as not doing so could have damaging consequences this station and its owner.

    Please observe the following points in relation to your show:
    1) Shows must be uploaded to 1Mix at least 24 hours before the show is due to be streamed.
    2) Shows must be at least 320kbps/44.1 Khz [320kbs preferred].
    3) Please try to have your show the same duration as your slot – longer shows will be cut off when your slot expires.
    4) If you know you can’t supply your show, for whatever reason, please let us know.
    5) If your show is live, please start your stream before your scheduled time to enable our server to connect.
    6) Please ensure your live stream is correctly tagged or use the ‘Change Show Title’ facility.
    7) Please delete old shows when uploading your latest.
    8) *Shows must not contain Jingles or Station ID’s from other stations*
    9) Shows MUST NOT contain any profane language or drugs references. 1Mix is listed on iTunes as ‘Family Friendly’
    10) Shows should not be available for public download/Podcast for 24 hours after your allocated slot, and 1Mix requires ‘first play’ – if this is not possible, please explain in your application
    11) You must actively promote your show and the station on all available media
    12) Please do not deviate from the genre we have agreed – i.e. play House in a Trance show
    13) Please avoid long intros & exros at the beginning and end of your show – they are boring!

    Shows streamed on 1Mix Radio are for promotional purposes only. As a DJ you must ensure you have the artist’s permission to use promo/pre-release material in your sets/shows.

    1Mix Radio is, for all intent and purposes, an automated station, and from time to time a show may not play. Whilst we try not to let this happen, we accept no responsibility in the event of a show not playing. However, we will endeavour to find an opportunity to play the show again.

    Proper naming of files:File name: DJ Name @djtwitterhash – Show Name.mp3Then go to properties [right click], advanced, and fill in the Artist, twitter hash and Title fields. More info on our YouTube video here:

    Please note: 1Mix Radio was previously removed from the iTunes directory for playing tracks containing explicit material.
    It took a lot of effort and 6 months of waiting to get listed again.Thank you for joining the 1Mix Community.
  • FAQ - How Can I Join 1Mix Radio

    Q: I’m a DJ and I want a show on 1Mix Radio

    A: We are always looking for quality shows to add to our schedule, if you think you fit the bill, use the ‘Contact’ button on the bottom menu and be sure to tell us all about yourself.

    Please bear in mind that 1Mix Radio is an Uplifting Trance station, though we also have an EDM stream. If you do not play those genres, it’s best to find a station which does.
    Tip: It helps if you are a producer, and our station gives priority to artists who will be exclusive to us. Also – read the FAQ below to help you get started.

    Q: I am a music industry writer and I would like to write for you

    A: If your an enthusiastic, native English speaker, who loves writing about music or tech, we would love you to join us.

    Q: I spend all my time on Facebook and Twitter, and would like to help promote 1Mix

    A: Come and join our band of helpers who promote our artists and shows

    Q: I am a coder and have some ideas which would make 1Mix better

    A: We are always looking at new ideas and you will be made most welcome!
  • FAQ - Disclaimers Policies & more

    Q: Policies, disclaimers, legal issues, etc…

    A: For our policies and disclaimers such as our privacy policy, COPPA, station ownership, royalties and regulations compliance.

    1Mix Radio is owned by Paul Aldridge. At no other time has it been owned by anyone else.

    Children’s On-line Privacy Protection Act:

    To comply with The Children’s On-line Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), 1Mix Radio does not accept registrations from children under the age of 13 without a written permission document from their parent or guardian.

    Privacy Policy:

    Effective Date: 01/01/2018

    Your privacy and trust are very important to us. We recognize that you may be concerned about our collection, use, and disclosure of the personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) that we collect when you use the Website and the services offered on the Website.

    1Mix Radio may change this policy from time to time. If so, any such changes will be posted on this page, so that 1Mix Radio may keep its users informed of its information collection practices. Accordingly, we recommend that you consult this page frequently so that you are aware of our latest policy. The personal information we collect is the information that you provide to us, such as your name, IM contacts, websites addresses, email address, and other information you may type on the site. Non-Personal Information we also collect from you, such as your browser type, the URL of the previous website you visited, your ISP, operating system, and your Internet protocol (IP) Address. This personal information is only used for 1Mix Radio’s internal use and is not disclosed to any third party.We use reasonable efforts to protect your personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure. We assume no liability for any disclosure of data due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third party access or other acts of third parties, or acts or omissions beyond our reasonable control.

    Royalties and Broadcasting Regulation Compliance:

    1Mix Radio is licensed to broadcast, In addition to paying our fair share to the writers and artists, we comply with the DMCA involving our playlist requirements.
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