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TranceShifter is a novice DJ from Moscow, Russian Federation. He has continuously developed his passion for that Orchestral, Uplifting, Tech and Progressive Trance music.
He first discovered his love of Trance sound in 1998 from great producers like ATB, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyke and many more. On TranceShifter's Glow Of A Dream Show, he plays only the latest and the best Orchestral, Uplifting, Tech and Progressive Trance music from around the globe.
Trance is music that opens all boundaries, fills with joy, love and pure positive energy. This style of music takes you deeper into the unknown, makes you think and at the same time throw away all thoughts, free yourself from the environment, and then merge with it all into one. Once hitting the world of Trance, you can’t go back. And each time again and again you sink into this atmosphere of madness, where all the frames and principles are destroyed...”
When I hear a Trance, I hear the voice of my heart...and when I start playing Trance, it sings for you my dear friends!

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