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The Art of Music - John Mig
Wednesday 27 January 2021, 21:00 - 23:00


The Art of Music by John Mig

The dimension of a dynamic acoustic perception, where art can be combined with electronic music and expressed effectively, pushed John Mig to launch his radio show "The Art of Music" in May 2009. The inspiration for the name came a few years ago, while John observed the interaction between the two and the direct relationship that occurred. He found that the connection that arises is very emotional in many ways.

Connecting the pieces and telling a story that sets out every detail through the music best describes John's radio show. As someone who likes to experiment on a profound level, he always uses tracks that hide some mysterious structure. In a sense, he has often described that "The Art of Music" is not just a radio show, but much more. He sees it as a mixed version of emotions evolving from various sounds that activate sensitive areas of life.

A colourful journey of synthetic sounds from Progressive House and Techno, with a melodic bridge in between, was the primary sources he always used to embrace the moment's uniqueness. Applying this variety of sounds, he managed to create intensity. Thus, music choices follow elements that give the desired result by combining various forms of House & Techno that are sometimes Melodic, Ethereal and Progressive. If there is one genre that best describes the sound of John's radio show that does not officially exist, it would be Progressive Techno.

The image used to support a particular episode is carefully designed based on a surreal art pattern that reflects the moment's mood. Everything has a shape, and therefore the way of expression depends solely on the different parameters that it requires at a time.

Over time, some international artists invited to join John Mig's radio show, where they shared their musical style. The Art of Music is a two-hour radio show broadcasted by 1Mix Radio (EDM Channel) on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 21:00 UK.

The Art of Music in Concert

It all starts with an idea and becomes a reality. Imagine people who can feel, hear and see a story on the wall while dancing. John Mig could describe the moments in time as very dynamic and personal, based on the unique relationship that unfolds sharing your music and passion with the audience through a live event. He was always eager to look for new ways of expressing his vision for electronic music, and he ended up in 2017 starting his live event "The Art of Music in Concert".

Through his radio show "The Art of Music", John had the idea of an event based on an atmospheric reality with sounds from Progressive and Techno, introducing melodic elements while experimenting with digital art in different variations and objects. The result was to turn this live event into something non-static. As he explains, this could turn a dead space into a colourful palette of different emotions where all people could connect as they experience something more vibrant, energetic and unexpected.

To keep things interesting, John wanted to introduce other artists with different musical dynamics. Some artists invited to participate in the events. Various forms of music highlight some of the best features of the most passionate DJs/Producers, who are willing to share this feeling with the crowd by expressing their moments through vague time frames and turning them into something else.

The first live event of The Art of Music in Concert took place at EGG London, where people seemed to react and embrace the idea of visual images along with music and translating this moment into reality. In his mind, the power of communication in various forms has always been a way to approach unknown levels of mixed emotions.

John plans to organize the event in more unique places and different destinations with many artists for the future. The show, based on stories, continues its ultimate vision by projecting digital art with the strong interaction of electronic music.

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