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Marc Van Gale

Marc Van Gale

Marco Toepfer, better know as Marc van Gale, was born in 1986, since early years of his life he was charmed by music, and it didn't take long before he discovered his passion for electronic dance music, and then got his first dj gear when he was only 11 years, being recognised as a young promise and successfully making his way up to big gigs just 5 years later under the name of DJ4T. Not long after meeting success as a dj, in 2003, he decided to start producing tracks and remixes in his prefered style: Trance. So he learned to produce and was quickly developing his own sound till 2004, when he saw himself forced to take a hiatus from his music career, but at the end of that year returned to the scene with a show at Radio Sunshine Live Hire & Fire (92% Hire) and focused on dedicating to what he is most passionate about, music. This marked the re-start and way up of his career, playing lots of gigs at different locations around the world, algonside artists such as Paul van Dyk, Dennis Sheperd, Ronski Speed Talla2XLC, Johan Ekman, Niels van Gogh, Corderoy, Melanie di Tria, Nathalie de Borah, Joe Cormack, and many more. His popularity has been on a fast rise since then, hosting a sucessful radioshow since 2007 aired on Beatnight.at, Globalbase.fm, Decksharks.fm, Trancesonic.fm, Projectradio.us, 1mix.co.uk.

In 2009 reached the 314th place at the popular site The DJ List, one year later he received a special award from the DJ Mag and TrackItDown DJ Top 100 voting poll. In the meantime, Marc continued to work on his own music and for 2008 ended up achieving enough experience to start working as a DJing & Producing Trainer at Europe's biggest DJ School: Vibra. Also managed to get his first releases under the name 'Plastic Illusion' along with Melodic Cuture, and as of 2011 landed his first releases as Marc van Gale, a rework for Armin van Buuren's classic track 'Serenity' released under World 2 Media, and his single 'Far Away' featuring the professional guitarist Jens S. under Only Trance Records, which has been already supported by many top artists like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Daniel Kandi, Pedro Del Mar, Der Mystik, Suzy Solar, Tamerlan & Djons, and even more  Fastly growing as an integral artist, and always looking forward to deliver top quality trance music, Marc van Gale's tracks and DJ mixes are set to rock dancefloors all around the globe, watch out, you may find yourself listening to them soon either in clubs, festivals or radio stations.

"Trance and uplifting house is his style, dancefloor killers his trademark.“

                                                                                                            International Artists 2010


Marc van Gale feat. Jens S. - Far Away (2011) [Only Trance Records, Venezuela]

Marc van Gale - Hybrid (2012) [Only Trance Records, Venezuela]

Marc van Gale & ASKII - Rising (2013) [NewStyle Perspective Recordings, Germany]

Marc van Gale - Hunter (2013) [Only Trance Records, Venezuela]

Marc van Gale – Legacy (2014) [NewStyle Perspective Recordings, Germany]

Marc van Gale – Brisky Sky (2015) [NewStyle Perspective Recordings, Germany]

Marc van Gale – ID 3.0 (2015) [A Tribute To Life, Germany]

Marc van Gale & ASKII – Phoenix (2016) [NewStyle Perspective Recordings, Germany]

Ronski Speed & Marc van Gale – Loco in Acapulco (2016) [Coldharbour Recordings]

Marc van Gale – Uncharted Me (2017) [Suanda Base]

Marc van Gale – Spirit of Kyiv (2017) [Maraphobia Essentials]

Marc van Gale feat. Jens S. – Butterfly E.P. (2017) [Appointed LLC]

Marc van Gale – Demerged Evil (2017) [Auditory]

Marc van Gale – B52 (2017) [Maraphobia]

Marc van Gale – Trinity (2017) [Maraphobia]

Marc van Gale – Midnight Faces (2017) [Maraphobia|


  • The Thrillseekers – The Last Time (Marc van Gale Mix)
  • Armin van Buuren – Serenity (Marc van Gale Rework) [World 2 Media] (2011)
  • Savid – Skyline (Marc van Gale vs. Kenneth Baldrin Remix)
  • Ben Hamza – Taking On The World (Marc van Gale Remix) [Only Trance Records] (2011)
  • Cyberian Soundz - Without Limitations (Marc van Gale Remix)
  • Szeifert & Krasch - 100 Miles From Home (Marc van Gale Weekend Mix) [Tuned 1N Records, UK] (2012)
  • ASKII & DJ Roxy - Inside A Dream (Marc van Gale Remix) [D.Max Deep] (2013)
  • Orivian & Physical Phase – Discovery (Marc van Gale Remix) [NewStyle Perspective Recordings] (2015)
  • ASKII – Dimensions (Marc van Gale Remix) [NewStyle Perspective Recordings, Germany] (2015)
  • ASKII – Every Day, Every Second (Marc van Gale Summer Remix) NewStyle Perspective Recordings, Germany] (2015)
  • Anna Lee – U-156 (Marc van Gale Remix) [A Tribute To Life, Germany] (2016)
  • DJ T.H. – Nocturnal Creature (Marc van Gale Remix) [Redux] (2016)


  • Epic & Massive Vol II [Straight Up!, North America]
  • Best of Trance Vol 1. [World 2 Media]
  • Trance & Emotions Vol. IV [Trance & Techno Essentials]
  • BLACK HOLE AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT 2015 [Black Hole Recordings]

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