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Marcus Arylide - Beyond The Stars
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Written by Busby   

Marcus Arylide - TrancendorphineDmitry Zubkov - as known as Marcus Arylide, started his path in 2009-2010 by mixing Electro/Electro House tracks, as these styles he enjoyed at that time. In 2012 he had a change of direction regarding what music he wanted to play in the future.

This is how Dmitry evolved into Trance producer, with his first serious release in 2013 under the alias ‘Arosta’. This track was a remix of "Alexander Borisov - This Moment", and it came out on the Russian label "Azima Records".

Later he began to write more, and he started his own radio show "Trancecription". Later he released a track under the alias Arosta in 2015 on the label "Beyond Belief", this was an original track with Alexander Voloshok and vocalist Natalia Meister named "Arms Of Heaven".

Since then he put his producers' career on hold for an undefined period, because he understood that the quality of the tracks he wrote was poor, so he needed time to improve his skills and then he would return.

At the beginning of 2017 Dmitry started to think about creating a new radio show. On 3rd of March 2017, and then every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month he will play his “Beyond The Stars" radio show on 1mix Radio ( at 18:00 to 19:00 GMT.

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