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Back Stage with Existone Print E-mail
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Written by John Mig   

This Month's Back Stage welcomes the Russian DJ/Producer "Existone". We are happy to have him on board so let's find out more about him and his musical life by starting with the first question.

Hello Sergey and welcome to The Art of Music 068. Let's start the interview.

Back Stage with ExistoneJohn Mig: How did you come up with Existone as an artist name? What is the story behind this?

This first question comes up a lot in interviews. I came up with the artist name by chance. I thought to create a name that would be a bit mystic and have a deep meaning. Existone has a lot of meanings. The main one is "exist + one" – the one and only trance artist with his unique style. Other meanings are "exi + stone”, “exis + tone”, “X is tone”.

John Mig: Where are you living at the moment. Is there any other city that you want to live in besides the city that you are living in now?

I live in Russia, less than 500 miles from Moscow. I love my big country and my city. I think that couldn’t change my city for any other. But I love to see the world and travel.

John Mig: Do you like any other genres besides Trance and which ones do you listen to most?

Yes, I do. I think I’m a music lover. House, Techno, rock… My ears have no limits. I love chill-out, dub-step, breaks. These genres are those that I could try to produce someday.

John Mig: What motivates you to write music?

My best trance tracks were produced after some sentimental events. The quarrel with my girlfriend... Losing a loved one… It caused a storm of emotions and turned into creative energy.

John Mig: Could you describe the worst and best moment that you have experienced over the years?

Back Stage with ExistoneThe worst and best moments are associated with the same event. I released my “Wounded Soul” track at Italian label Emotive Vibes. This track was licensed for greatest Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise 7 compilation. It was a one of the best moments I ever had in my music career. I haven't received a penny from the sales of “Wounded Soul” where as the Emotive Vibes as an intermediary received tens of thousands of dollars every half-year. The owner of this label started to ignore me and continues to do so today. That’s the worst moment.

John Mig: Are there any Trance tracks that you want to play in every set?

No, I have a lot of fresh stuff every time I play at parties, but I have my favourites of course, and each season they are new.

John Mig:
As we have seen over the years Trance has changed introducing other elements from house, Techno and electro. Some people find that this is the new wave of Trance and some of them they just don't like it at all, as they prefer it's previous state. What is your opinion about this?

Everything changes. It’s normal. I’m convinced of this. The world finds new ways of expression. It’s moving forward. Nevertheless I prefer to be cautious with the experiments.

John Mig:
What do you enjoy to do most when you are not producing or mixing? Any activities?

I like to take photos, to draw and to be sporty. I have a first adult category of volleyball. I like to build my body with various pull-up, push-ups etc. Also I'm fond of graffiti and have a lot of home sketches. You can join my Instagram account to see my life from within.

John Mig: Do you believe that there are many opportunities for the young DJ/Producers to succeed nowadays, or was it easier and better many years ago?

I believe that everything depends on yourself. You must strive for being better, to self-educate, and everything will turn out.

John Mig: Which areas in technology helps and which areas have minor points?

Everything is important. Everyone needs to pay close attention.

John Mig: Is it remixing or creating original tracks that are your favourite part in the production field?

Both. Original tracks allow you to describe yourself and your personality much better. Remixes helps to improve your skills.

Back Stage with ExistoneJohn Mig: Which is your favourite track produced by you?

I can’t say because all of my tracks were written with all my heart. But I can pick out a “Wounded Soul” and “Between Heaven and Earth” as tracks that are my soul represented in a greater amount.

John Mig: What is your studio set up? Which plugins are you using and which are essential for you?

My studio is based on two powerful PC computers with a rack of synths and processors. Access Virus TI, Korg Radias, Roland JP8000 and V-Synth GT, Clavia Nord Lead G2 etc. Mastering processor is TC Finalizer 96k. I love Waves plug-ins – it’s 80% of all of my VSTis.

John Mig:
Do you believe that Music Production courses helps someone that wants to start putting a track together or practice is everything? How did you start?

I spontaneously started to write music with a Techno Machine 2. Then turned to ACID Pro 2. Fruity Loops… Nuendo… And finally, Cubase as my main work stage nowadays.
So, practice, practice, practice.

John Mig: Have you any advice or tips that you may want to share with us for all the new upcoming producers?

I have a huge chain of various approaches, techniques and nuances. But the source of it is your aspiration to create a soulful music. All comes with time.

John Mig:
Time is stressful sometimes specially when you have deadlines, so how do you manage yours?

I have an organizer where I plan all of my daily/monthly deals/tasks etc. It helps.

John Mig:
Is there anything that you did in your past that you regret and you wish that you could change it?

Back Stage with ExistoneNo. I try to accept changes in my life and try to do it with a light heart.

John Mig: What is the next step for Existone in 2015? What should we expect?

It depends on how fast my little son will grow up. Now I’m focused on his education. But my musical ideas are ready to blow my head. So, hold on! Existone’s coming soon!

John Mig: Where do you want to see yourself in 2 years from now?

It’s a hard question. I want to live in peaceful world among my close friends that will inspire me to produce masterpieces.

John Mig:
Before we close this interview, what do you want to say to your fans and The Art of Music listeners?

Be active! Look at the world with wide-open eyes! Aim for unattainable goals! Take care

John Mig: Thank you Sergey for your time and for this whole in depth interview. We are looking forward to listening to your guest mix for The Art of Music 068. Best of luck with your music!

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Back Stage with Existone 


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