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Back Stage with Andromedha Print E-mail
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Written by Paul   

Back Stage with Andromedha

Another back stage of The Art of Music is here as this month we are travelling to Poland to see and learn more about Andromedha and his musical life. So let's start.  

Hello Andromedha and welcome to The Art of Music. Thanks for taking the time to take a part in this interview. Let's begin with the first question.

John Mig: When everything started for Andromedha, how did you come up with this name?

It all started back in August 2011 during my summer holidays, which I spent mostly at home studying for my exams. The name itself was taken after a galaxy which is the nearest one to us (Andromeda AKA Messier 31) but when I signed the very first contract, the label manager told me there's already someone using that guise (in fact it's Mike Foyle and the best thing is that now we work with the same booking manager), hence I had to change the name and because I didn't want that change to be dramatic I just added letter 'h'.

John Mig: We know already that your origin is Poland. How is the Progressive/Trance scene going over there?

Well, despite we have so many great and recognizable producers here, the situation doesn't look good event-wise, frankly speaking there are some big festivals featuring some of the artists from those genres and there are a few very passionate collectives like Essential Vibes or We Love Trance organizing club nights with such music (big shout out to both teams by the way), but that's pretty much everything. No events on a regular basis really which I am aware of. Most of the people are into much more commercial electronic music however I also see quite a lot of people discovering tech house, deep house or techno and clubs willing to book DJs playing those genres.

John Mig: Is there any moment in your music career that you feel is really special? What was this moment and why do you feel like this?

I think I can point out a few but if I had to choose one, it has to be booking for Luminosity Beach Festival 2015, it was my dream back when I started producing and in December last year I was told by the manager that I'm in the line-up. Felt a bit surreal at the beginning but when I saw the official flyer with my artist name 2 weeks later I felt so proud and lucky at the same time, because there are many guys out there who could take my place. Having said that I'm really looking forward to seeing you all there.

Back Stage with AndromedhaJohn Mig: What is your best tune of all times which gives you goose bumps?

Definitely a hard question to pick up just one, it really depends on the mood I am currently in. Maybe Hans Zimmer's “Time” is the most universal and transparent track from the group of tunes I'm the most fond of.

John Mig: What is your ideal set up for a DJ Set?

Nothing beats a pair of Pioneer CDJ’s 2000 plus Pioneer DJM800 mixer for me, its super fun to play on those and really easy at the same time.

John Mig: There are lots of ways to get inspired, but what is it that pushes you more to feel like this?

I'm lucky to be inspired most of the time I'm awake so I don't do anything specific. Always got many ideas (or maybe even too many), the problem is to write them all down on time. Day to day experience is the driving force for my inspiration.

John Mig: What was your favourite gig that you will always remember and why was it so special?

My début gig in Warsaw will be the one that will remain in my head for the whole life probably. Unbelievable joy of spinning my own cuts in the club and people enjoying them is what gives my life a sense. Never ever felt as good as during that night, at first I thought I will be very stressed but it was nothing like that.

John Mig: Do you believe it is hard these days to find good electronic dance music? Are you using on-line stores to buy your music and if yes, which ones?

Depends on what we perceive as a definition of good electronic dance music, don't wanna go into the so called genre wars as they lead to nothing really, but if we assume that good music equals music I like I think we are in a very good situation nowadays and it was never so easy to find what keeps you moving, thanks to the Internet and tons of various podcast or radio shows featuring some real musical gems. Speaking of the online stores, I sometimes buy music off Beatport.

John Mig: Do you think that technology helps or destroys the real value of mixing for all those that want to become DJs? Do you believe the DJs of today know their craft by using only a laptop?

Basing on my own experience it can help a lot but it won't be a real-deal substitute for hardware. There are many DJs using laptops but they are using it for completely different reasons than those who are beginners. Personally I enjoy DJ’ing on my old CDJ’s much more than preparing a radio set or even using some live mixing software. It gives you idea behind but it's all so automated that it takes most of the pleasure away, also leading to the situation in which people don't really know what beat matching is as it's even possible to perfectly mix two tracks without headphones. So I'd say only experienced and well-known DJs using laptop know their craft.

Back Stage with AndromedhaJohn Mig: We have seen over the last years that progressive and Trance scene have changed. Do you think it sounds better now or has become more commercial?

I won't tell whether it sounds better or not because that could hurt someone's musical feelings, what I can say is that it's much more diverse and open-minded, often also harder to categorize. Never been to only one genre or style so I don't pay much
attention to that, I liked it all before and I do enjoy it now.

John Mig: Do you prefer DJ’ing instead of producing or do you like both?

I'm a studio nerd (everybody who knows me can tell that) but for me DJ’ing is a huge reward for hard work and hours of isolation from the world, actually I can say I love both but playing live and seeing people's reactions and smiles are the moments I live for so DJ’ing slightly wins here.

John Mig: Which software are you using to produce? Any favourite plugins?

I use FL Studio and Ableton Live. Speaking of plugins I really like Spectra Sonics Omnisphere, Fruity Granulizer, Native Instruments Massive, Native Instruments Kontakt, Lennar Digital Sylenth1, Rob Papen Verb, Fab Filter Pro Q and Slicex.

John Mig: How long does it take you to produce a whole track? What is the ideal timing to get a track done?

It can take me up from 6 hours to 30 or more (but that's a rare case). The best tracks are those which don't take much time and are mostly finished during one long studio session without any stops. Time of the day doesn’t really make any difference.

John Mig: What is your favourite track produced by you?

Again hard to pick up just one but From The Past on Nueva Recordings is a strong candidate for this title.

John Mig: If tomorrow morning you had a chance to collaborate with anyone, who would be this person and why?

I think BT would be that person.

Back Stage with AndromedhaJohn Mig: Do you have any advice or tips that you may want to share with all the new producers out there?

Honestly I still perceive myself as a new guy to the scene but if I had had a chance to give myself advice 2 years ago I would have definitely start off with recommending some
decent studio gear. What's also important is to deeply analyse some of the favourite track from the technical point of view, also by listening to them million of times in order to figure out how they are made. The rule 'less is more' is also very important in my opinion, as well as working with a fixed set of plugins and learning what does what in them, people tend to download lots of VSTs ending up without any knowledge about synthesis at all because they base their music only on presets. Additionally sending a track to a producer-friend is always helpful as you can get a valuable feedback from the “fresh” pair of ears.

John Mig: These days we see more and more ghost producers. What do you think about this?

It's a job like every other and it's understandable that some people simply don't wanna take part in DJ’ing itself, preferring to stay at their house with families. Maybe it destroyed and spoilt the scene a bit but I think it's just much more exposed now and that's all. Having said all of that I think I could do it from time to time but not on a regular basis.

John Mig: How you like to spend your free time if you get any? Do you participate in any activities besides music?

I don't have much spare time honestly, when I don't produce a track or a set or manage my labels I spend it all with my girlfriend and family.

John Mig: What should we expect from Andromedha music wise in 2015? Any new tracks or collaborations?

Taking a bit of a break right now from producing but I'm back in March, really excited about all the stuff I got in the pipeline. Some gigs, some new EPs and remixes as well as collabs of course, with Matthew Peterson or Craft Integrated to name a few. I was asked by Stellar Fountain to do a remix for their 150th release which is coming next month, also a new 2-track release is set up for March on Nueva. Promise I'm gonna do my best this year!

John Mig: Before we close this interview, what would you like to say to your fans and The Art of Music listeners?

Back Stage with AndromedhaMany thanks for this interview John, was a big fun doing this, shout out to each and every of the listener of The Art of Music. Big thanks to all who supported me throughout last 2 years and looking forward to see you somewhere over the world!

Thank you Andromedha for taking part on the Back Stage. We are looking forward to listening to your guest mix. Now for all those who want to catch this show, it's going to be broadcast on 1Mix radio at 21:00 UK.



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