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TranceExcess - Kairi Corral
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Trance Evolution - Andrea Mazza
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The World Of Trance Music
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Uplifting Only - Ori Uplift
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Trance Therapy - Jester
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Trance Mania - ThomasS

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Video Interview: DJ/Singer NIC at Nature One 2014 Print E-mail
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Video Interview: DJ/Singer NIC at Nature One 2014 for 1Mix Radio..Nature One 2014, The Golden Twenty will be remembered for a long time and will stay in the hearts of the visitors forever. The biggest electronic dance music festival in Germany remains truly underground, away from the sirens of mainstream sound that you can mainly enjoy if you like it that way on the Open Air stage. Nature One represents all styles of electronic dance music, and for that reason attracts so many visitors who can listen and dance along during the two days - from minimal techno to hardstyle techno, and from tech house to hard trance too. Nature One, despite the fact that it aims to be an international festival,  continuously supports German artists who stand out in the electronic dance music world. The organisers have found the perfect balance in bringing to the forefront the finest upcoming and established German artists, and to exclusively feature the hottest international DJs too. Nature One festival is a statement of love, peace, freedom, tolerance and respect for each other, under the same groove of the beat that becomes our common heartbeat.

One of the most exciting floors was the WePLAY & BUCK ROGERS with DJ sets by top names such as Danielle Diaz, Dave 202, Falko Niestolik, Jean Elan, Brockman & Basti M, Tocadisco, Dohr & Mangold, Shut Up! & RELOVE, Switch Off, A 2 A, NIC,  A-N-N-A, DJ Tues, Faul & Wad Ad, Robin Schulz, Peer Kusiv, Stil & Bense, DJ Tues and Anna Reusch. One of the new talent performing on this floor was the stunning female DJ and singer NIC. Her DJ set was absolutely marvellous, and the crowd seemed to adore every single track she played.

Video Interview: DJ/Singer NIC at Nature One 2014 for 1Mix Radio..

 Thanks to Dabruck & Klein from WePLAY Music & Management, we arranged a Video interview with NIC which you can enjoy right here. I asked first about when she started DJing and if it was difficult  as not many women are entering the DJing scene which is considered to be predominantly a male dominated profession.   Then I ask about the style of music she plays and the tracks she has produced and released so far. She tells us about the clubs she performed so in far. Next we discussed about her DJ set at Nature One, and if she prepared it in advance, or if she was going to do it spontaneously by following the mood of the crowd. Lastly she told us her wishes for the Twenty year anniversary of Nature One.

Thanks very much to NIC for her time to record this interview
Thanks very much to Dabruck & Klein at  WePLAY music and management for organising the interviews
Thanks very much to Sarah Paul & i-motion for the press accreditation
The titles of the interview contains extract from Nature One Inc. - The Golden Twenty (Jerome's Official Anthem Mix) out on Kontor Records buy at Beatport

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