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Video Interview: DBN & Cosmo Klein at Nature One 2014 Print E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Video Interview: DBN & Cosmo Klein at Nature One 2014Nature One 2014, The Golden Twenty attracted more than 72,000 visitors, who together in unity, friendship and a common passion for Electronic Dance Music, celebrated twenty years of the biggest, most important and highly influential Electronic Music festival in Germany.

 Nature One takes place every year, usually at the first weekend of August at the Rakentenbasis Pydna in Kastellaun, Germany. It includes DJs and live performances which stand out and remain in visitors memories as unforgettable festival moments. The Golden Twenty anniversary was packed with high class DJ sets from artists such as Axwell, Paul van Dyk, Moguai, Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Markus Schulz, ATB, Danny Avila, Deniz Koyu, Ferry Corsten, Robin Schulz live and many more.

One of the most memorable highlights on the Saturday night from 04.30-06.00, was the stunning performance by Hamburg's finest house trio, DBN and Cosmo Klein. They were simply fun-tastic, with powerful progressive house bangers and Cosmo Klein with his heavenly voice singing live in some of the tracks. DBN are dynamic, powerful and work hard behind the decks to make the crowd jump around and sweat a lot! The combination of DBN with Cosmo Klein was a successful idea that managed to capture the interest of the festival-goers, who flooded the main stage and had some great party moments with them.

Video Interview: DBN & Cosmo Klein at Nature One 2014

 Before their explosive performance, I managed to meet them at the press centre and conducted this interview. First of all, I asked them about their performance on the open air stage, and if they had prepared special edits and exclusives. Next we discussed the differences between playing last year at the House of House stage, and this years Open Air performance. They give us some background information about the re-making of the classic trance track ROOS - Instant Moments, which was released on 'Big & Dirty', and then on 'WePlay' in Germany. It dominated the DDC charts at the number one position for many weeks. Next subject in question was the reason behind their idea to set up their own  record labels; 'Run DBN' and the sister label 'Run Deep' which specialises in deep house releases, mainly from unknown young artists in the age range 16-17 years. They explain how they share the stage when they perform together, and if they had prepared some tracks which they will include in their DJ set at Nature One. Next DBN clarify who had the idea to perform  together with Cosmo Klein.

Video Interview: DBN & Cosmo Klein at Nature One 2014

The rest of the interview was dedicated to Cosmo Klein, who was kind enough to reply to our questions. First of all, I asked him to explain the background story behind his magnificent anthem 'Beautiful Lie' with Keemo. This is actually a remake of Yoav's unforgettable hit with the same name. He revealed that they prepared a brand new deeper version of the track, and that this is the only cover he did as he usually writes the lyrics of the tracks he sings. Next I ask about his record label 'Cosmopolytix' and the kind of tracks he releases on it. What's more, he clarifies if and why his tracks have a political message. He reveals his forthcoming releases, such as his track 'Back to Life' with the upcoming Hamburg based duo Mynga, which is signed to Capitol and Sony Music. Also we chat about the artistic freedom he has when he works with major record labels, and he reveals the label on which he had the best collaboration so far. Finally, we talk about his forthcoming album and compilation, with all his big club hits so far, and I ask if he often performs in clubs. It's definitely must-watch interview so, better not miss it.

Thanks very much to DBN and Cosmo Klein for their time to record this interview.
Thanks very much to Swinque management for organising this interview.
Many thanks to Sarah Paul & i-motion for the press accreditation for Nature One.

The titles of the interview contains extract from Nature One Inc. - The Golden Twenty (Jerome's Official Anthem Mix) out on Kontor records buy at beatport click here 

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