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Interview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’ Print E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Interview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’, on Wildlife/Black Hole recordingsInterview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’, on Wildlife/Black Hole recordings. With a track record that begins in 2003, Jawoo swiftly climbs to the top of the international electronic dance industry. In a short period of time he releases several EPs on the Black Hole sub label Wildlife. Tracks like “Face Of The Jungle”, “Life Dimension”, “Strange People”, “Somewhere in Toronto”, “Security Reasons”, “Toy Story”, "Neighbour Coming To Me" and "The Mouse", all introduced Jawoo's hot sound to the world. Starting the New Year with a bang, Jawoo proudly presents his debut album “Audio Memoirs”.

Jawoo, born June 25th 1989 in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, is better known as Marinko Vujevic. His first experience with a big crowd was when he turned 14 and started working as a DJ in one of the clubs in his hometown. As a beginner he played a wide variety of genres from techno, tech house, progressive house and even R'n'B and hip-hop; laying a solid foundation for his final switch to electronic dance music.

Nowadays playing mostly electro, techno and tech house, Jawoo still tries to focus on the deeper and more melodious sounds in those styles. With his previous releases, Jawoo already proved that an enticing blend of techno and tech house gets the party rocking. The young DJ/producer also has owned his own record imprint ‘Stanch Records’ since 2008.

In 2012, Jawoo takes up the challenge to produce a series of four EPs that feature a total of ten brand new titles. This ‘tour de force’ finally results in massive tech house smashes like “Living Administrator”, “Hidden Thoughts”, “Black Thoughts”, “The Hangover”, “Hugo”, “Animal Jazz” and many others. The consistent high quality of all four EPs that Jawoo brought to the limelight turned out to be such good dance floor material, that the decision was made to put all tracks together into one, solidly rocking debut artist album.

Named after his very first EP, Jawoo’s artist album “Audio Memoirs” administers 10 killer cuts to the people on the dance floor, and is the best example of Jawoo’s infectious tech house sound. The album will be available as a digital release only, including a free DJ mix of all ten tracks.

Its great pleasure to conduct an interview with such a talented young artist who seems to be on the rise at the moment with many top tracks under his belt. Audio Memoirs is such an interesting album for the listeners of quality EDM to explore and DJ’s to play in their techno/tech house sets. If you don’t know Jawoo it’s a great opportunity to get introduced to him via this interview. If you know his music and support him already, maybe you will find some interesting background information about him that you didn’t know already. Jawoo is in the house, enjoy his answers.

Interview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’, on Wildlife/Black Hole recordingsDimitri:
When and under which circumstances did you take the decision to get involved and pursue a career with Electronic Dance Music? Did you have the support of your family on this decision?

Jawoo: When I was young child, a day after a big party in my brothers apartment I came across as we need to clean the mess there. I saw DJ equipment with a lot vinyl and CDs of electronic music. It was very interesting for me and immediately I started to investigate the equipment and play some music, that’s how my love for EDM started. Yes, I receive support from my family.

It would be cool to list for us the 5 most important EDM artists that have influenced your music and who you may regard as role models. Please give us a comment why they are so important to you

Jawoo: At the moment, I don’t have some special musical influences. I always try to listen to as many styles and EDM artists as possible. The world has many good artists today in EDM.

Dimitri: When was your first ever production and for which record label? How did you feel when you saw your first release come out, and DJ’s supporting it?

Jawoo: My first production was "Trauma", that track was released on my first release with the second  track "Biotic Loop" on VA/EP for Linecode Records, label by Erwin Redzic, a good DJ and producer from Bosnia & Herzegovina. When I saw the release and sales I was very happy.

Dimitri: You set up your own record label ‘Stanch Records’. Can you tell us why you decided to start your own label and if there is a motto that underpins all the releases?

Jawoo: I started with my own record label ‘Stanch Records’ because I had the vision to support young unknown talented producers to compete with popular artists worldwide within the techno, tech house and minimal techno genres. The motto that underpins all the releases is deep, dark and melodic music.

Dimitri: Which release on Stanch Record is the most successful so far?

Most popular release is "Berlin" which included my single tracks “Berlin” and remixes by artists Paul Hazendonk, Joe Maker and Miro Pajic.

Dimitri: Your tracks are released on ‘Wildlife’ which is a historic sub-label of Black Hole recordings. The result of your great releases so far is your EP ‘Audio Memoirs’. How did you feel when Black Hole recordings signed your tracks, and what is your opinion about your co-operation with that great record label?

Jawoo: I felt very excited, because as you mention, ‘Wildlife’ is the historic sub-label of Black Hole recordings with releases from great artists such as Tiesto, Erick Morillo, Sebastien Leger, Tony Thomas, so I'm happy that I can be part of the Wildlife project.

Dimitri:  Let’s take a nice little tour through your album. If possible give us a short comment about each track, including about influences, any stories that may have happened during the recording process, feedback that you may have received.

These tracks are supported by many EDM artists such as D-Formation, Slam, Manuel De La Mare and David Vendetta! So let me give a short comment about each track.

Interview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’, on Wildlife/Black Hole recordings01.    Audio Memoir
“Audio Memoir” is the track which includes artist memories, every kind of memories from life. Name of the album comes from this track. The name is “Audio Memoirs” because the album includes 10 original tracks, and all tracks have some memoirs.

02.    Living Administrator

“Living Administrator” is a  track which presents destiny.

03.    Hidden Thoughts
Track “Hidden Thoughts” talking about people who have hidden thoughts. People who are thinking about something, but they won't talk about it. That can be good or very bad idea! This track can be connected with track “Black Thoughts”.

04.    Black Thoughts
“Black Thoughts” is track which has a connection with track “Hidden Thoughts”. This track continues to talk  about people who have hidden thoughts and black thoughts too. Black thoughts such as something dirty and bad in people heads.

05.    Animal Jazz
“Animal Jazz” is the track dedicated to animals, animal life.

06.    Experiment

Track “Experiment” was worked out as an experiment and talks about various kinds of experiments.

07.    Hugo
“Hugo” is the track which tries to describe the figure from the game “Hugo” in electronic music, this is how an artist looks at that.

08.    The Hangover
“The Hangover” is the track that talks about people who drink a lot of alcohol and the nice party is mostly followed by a bad day with a headache!

09.    Insects
“Insects” is a track dedicated to insects and an insect’s life.

10.    Conform

“Conform” is the track which presents conformity and is offered to the people  to feel the atmosphere to feel conform in their rooms or clubs.

Interview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’, on Wildlife/Black Hole recordingsDimitri:
  Can you give us a brief list of equipment (software and hardware) that you used to produce your album? Do you have a favourite piece of equipment, software or sound library that you prefer to use?

That would be a perfect computer system, KRK studio monitors, Sennheiser headphones, Korg MIDI Keyboard, M-Audio sound card. About software, most of my tracks are completed in FL studio, but I always try to do some things in programs such as Reason and Ableton.

Dimitri: Is it possible to describe what you usually do before the production of your tracks which help you to clear your mind and give you ideas and the production process of any of your tracks. Do you usually start with the beat, the bass, the melody or does it depend on how you feel at this particular moment?

Jawoo: Sometimes I search for inspiration when I start with kick, the bass, the melody, but sometimes I have some crazy inspiration, and I transfer it to the track. Maybe you can check my track "Kirurgija", old school techno style and "Fight For Life" which is more minimal techno style, where are you can listen to some crazy and hot sounds.

Can you tell us something about your “JAWOO” artist logo?

Jawoo: The JAWOO logo is a bird eagle which present freedom, and living and being in your own world. Very positive and a great logo for me.

Dimitri: When was your first DJ gig in front of a very large crowd? Do you remember how you felt during that DJ set?

I was 14 years old for my first DJ gig. I remember that I had the jitters and I was very nervous. But in the end the gig went very well.

Dimitri: From the various clubs and events that you have performed at so far, which one is your all time favourite and most unforgettable gig, and why?

Jawoo: That can be a party in Buba beach bar in Makarska, Croatia. Because that has been during the day and all the people were moving their bodies on the beach at 3:00pm.

Interview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’, on Wildlife/Black Hole recordingsDimitri: Are you an active user of facebook & Twitter? Do you see those social networks as vital for the artists to spread the word about what they are doing? What is your opinion about artists who give too much about their life in those social media, and what is the best feedback you have received about your tracks or sets through your social media pages?

Yeah, I'm active user of many important social networks sites and I think that is a vital part of artist promotion, because many people around the world are using social networks. Also I think that DJs need more time to invest in their work as DJ, not in social networks. About feedback, I received very positive and crazy feedback in my social networks, really I can't find one to mention here.

Dimitri: Can you reveal for us you’re personal forthcoming releases that we should be looking forward to hear, and also any future releases for Stanch Records that we should have an ear ready for them?

Jawoo: Soon I will release the great tracks "Whatsa" and "Big Market" at Freshin, label from the well known artist Da Fresh. Tracks "Claustrophobia" and "Lost Souls" on label Frequenza, label owned by Nihil Young, and a new album of  10 original tracks at Pacha Recordings from Ibiza, Spain, which should be out digitally and CD format.

Do you accept demos for your record label and what kind are you searching for to release.

Jawoo: Yes, we accept demos for Stanch Records, but all artists need to read our "Demo Policy" before they do that. For Stanch Records its best if send techno, tech house or minimal techno music.

Can you tell us what your DJ mixes ‘Experiment Project’ is all about and if you feel happy about the success of that project?

The Project "Experiment" is my own experiment with music on which I mix great tracks. The duration of those mixes are mostly an hour, and they are free for download! The Project has had great success which is slow but secure.

Dimitri: One of my favourite questions to all the DJ’s is that one about self-reflection and self-criticism. Out of 10, with what score do you rate the various elements of your DJ performances and why?

a) your mixing skills: 9
b) your ability to choose the right track for the right occasion: 8
c) your friendly attitude towards the fans that come to shake your hand when you perform and after that? 8

Dimitri: Let’s finish off with some words about the electronic dance music scene in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Are there any clubs and radio stations that can support a nice healthy EDM club scene??

Jawoo: Bosnia & Herzegovina has just a few clubs and radio stations that can support a nice healthy EDM club scene.

Dimitri: Many thanks Jawoo for your answers.

Many thanks to Hugo de Graaf, A&R for Wildlife at Black Hole recordings for his support in helping to organise this interview

Many thanks to Jeroen Polak at Black Hole press office for his support too.

Many thanks to Paul Aldridge at 1mix for proofing this interview

Interview was written and conducted by Dimitri Kechagias, Radio/DJ/Music Journalist

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