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Wed Oct 17 @02:00 - 03:00
Veselin Tasev - Danse Avec Moi
Wed Oct 17 @06:00 - 08:00
Trance Evolution - Andrea Mazza
Wed Oct 17 @13:00 - 15:00
Flux BPM on the move pres. by Dimitri
Wed Oct 17 @17:00 - 18:00
Uplifting Trance Journey - OM Project
Wed Oct 17 @19:00 - 20:00
Trance Utopia - Andrew Prylam
Wed Oct 17 @20:00 - 21:00
Perfect Euphoria - Aimoon
Wed Oct 17 @21:00 - 22:00
Trance Mania - ThomasS
Wed Oct 17 @21:00 - 22:00
Corstens Countdown - Ferry Corsten

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John Mig - The Art of Music E-mail
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Written by John Mig   

John Mig - The Art of MusicJohn Mig's story started many years ago in an unusual way. His family was not related to music but he was deeply attached and inspired, by the events that were taking place daily on the ground floor of his apartment building. His apartment was within a big old factory in Athens, Greece, which was then transposed into the popular and world famous club “Ergostasio”.

During the heyday from the mid-eighties to the nineties, it attracted the rich, famous and fashionable people because of the quality of the music, that they were taking from New York, London and other parts of the world, together with the uniqueness of the venue and events. When the night club was operating John was constantly listening to the music as he couldn’t sleep, because music was travelling into his apartment and that played a big role in his overall music life. At that period his father was working in Ergostasio Club and after many requests by John he agreed to take him there every Saturday so he could watch the live performances of numerous DJ’s while they were mixing. At the age of 9 he had experienced the whole atmosphere of a night club and started to understand more of the craft of being a DJ which then became a part of his life without realising it.

The first touch with the decks he had it at the age of ten when he started to attract attention from MTV after starring in a video clip in “Ergostasio Club” playing Inner City’s world-wide hit ‘Good Life”. Some years later, following his passion, he soon started to play in clubs and parties all over Athens and the Greek Islands, but he didn’t stop there. Experimenting with different genres he discovered that his true passion was for Electronic Music, specifically for Progressive House and Trance. That was the wheel that pushed him to start his own union called “Oceanus”, collaborating with 3 stellar DJ’s. His music at that time was influenced by artists like Chicane, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman and many more.

In 2006 John moved to London, where he currently lives, to study at the renowned Music College “Point Blank”. That leads him to take a step closer to hone his technical skills and music knowledge in order to pursue his own productions on his own path of creativity.

Developing over the years his DJing skills, along with his music passion to create a unique mixture of electronic, progressive and trance music, was the stepping stone for John to start his own global radio show “The Art of Music” which launched in June 2009. Since then, the show has aired from various established radio stations like “Danceradio Global, TRANCESONIC.FM, which for the past years has been exclusive on 1Mix radio. The show from day one until today has hosted numerous international DJ/Producers as guest mixes like Andy Duguid, Simon Templar, Forerunners, Styller, Andromedha, Existone, Kris O’ Neil, Yuri Kane, Danilo Ercole and many more.

In 2013, John has also introduced as part of his radio show the “Backstage” which has held all the exclusive interviews of the artists themselves in a video format. This takes place just before their guest mixes airs so therefore the fans can have a better understanding about the artist’s background. His intention to explore and share the music from some of the very talented artists with the rest of the world continues, along with his ultimate target to take this show to a stage level.

In the past years John has performed live at some of the most popular events that London has to offer like “Trance Sanctuary, Dance Love Hub and many more” in various venues such as Ministry of Sound, Supperclub and Egg Club. One of his career highlights was at John’s gig with Sander Kleinenberg which was captured at the Ministry of Sound world tour in Ayia Napa in 2009, along with some of his mix sets like ‘Common Sense 2, The Ode Kazantip 2009’ which was awarded First (No:1) on the Global charts and on the Progressive Trance charts at Mix DJ.

The future looks bright and wide open, as at present John Mig is working towards on his own music that he had kept stored for some years. This will take life in between 2016 and 2017, along with his first album which he is currently working on. Everything has a reason as he has said previously, and he also continues; “Harvesting your own sound can take years and years of dedication, experimentation, hard work and determination to do what it takes which I fully accept”. His theory behind the music is that it is his life’s greatest destination, and following this journey brings him happiness, and that is why he has dedicated himself to this journey.

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John Mig The Art Of Music


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