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Video Interview: Sean Tyas at Tomorrowland 2014 E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Video Interview: Sean Tyas at Tororrowland 2014Tomorrowland festival took place at the recreational park De Shorre in Boom near Antwerp in Belgium. There was a unique gathering of electronic dance music lovers which started in 2005 with handful of attendees, and the support of great DJ’s, has developed through the last decade into the globally known festival that you should visit at least once in your life! This wide music category includes a variety of styles such as House, Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, Hardstyle and many more. All of these are represented in the Tomorrowland grounds on fifteen stages surrounded by the most up for it crowd from every corner of the globe. Tomorrowland is truly heaven for anyone who wishes to find out what is going in the underground dance music scene at the moment. The most prominent DJ’s from every respected music genre are booked to spin their favourite tracks and keep you updated with the most happening music and artists in their scene. 

Video Interview: Jorn Van Deynhoven at Tomorrowland 2014 E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Video Interview: Jorn Van DeynhovenTomorrowland 2014 is the 10 years anniversary of the biggest and the best electronic dance music event in the world at the moment. Tomorrowland sets the standards that the rest are obliged to follow if they wish to compete in equal terms with the festival that like Tsunami wins more and more friends and supporters worldwide. The expansion of the festival in USA as Tomorrowworld and the first ever Tomorrowland Brazil edition in 2015 are testaments of the great growth, success and big respect that the festival gets not only from the festival goers but also from the artists who talk very positively about how everything is organised in its smallest detail in order to give to everybody that participates a nice pleasurable and carefree as possible experience.

Video Interview: Ferry Corsten at Tomorrowland 2014 E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Video Interview: Ferry Corsten at Tomorrowland 2014 Tomorrowland 2014 was a phenomenal success. 360,000 visitors from all over the world gathered in Belgium to celebrate not only their common love and affection for electronic dance music, but also the 10 year anniversary of this great festival. That was managed thanks to the insistence and belief of ID&T Belgium, to make it grow and expand into a global event where the whole world turns its head and takes a closer look.

Tomorrowland is not only about the finest entertainment anymore; Tomorrowland is a way of looking at the world and perceiving your position in it. It has spiritual identity and inspires people to live in unity, peace and harmony without fights and stupid wars. The festival supports the environment and takes extra care to be Green friendly, and to keep the natural surroundings of the recreational park De Shorre as clean and as safe as possible, because part of the success of the festival is that amazing location which is not so easy to find these days.

Video Interview: Protoculture & Max Graham at Tomorrowland 2014 E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Video Interview: Protoculture & Max Graham at Tomorrowland 2014The best global electronic dance music festival in the world, Tomorrowland in Belgium celebrated its ten year anniversary in a most impressive and memorable way. The super strong festival manages year by year to become even better and raise the bar for its competitors. It's true that Tomorrowland opened the gates for more electronic dance music festivals to try and mimic its atmosphere, or the successful way that they communicate the festival through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and radio broadcasting of the event. The problem is, when you imitate you always stay behind rather than become the leader. Tomorrowland is without doubt the leading brand in EDM festival entertainment, and those who have attended the festival document their excellent experience in their photos and comments on Facebook or Twitter.

Video Interview: Orjan Nilsen at Tomorrowland 2014 E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Video Interview: Orjan Nilsen at Tomorrowland 2014 for 1Mix radio..It was the10th anniversary of Tomorrowland in 2014, which has been recognised as the best global electronic dance music festival at the IDMA awards in Miami. It was impressive, and will remain unforgettable for those who had the luck to secure one of the 360,00 tickets that were sold in just an hour! Some attend the first super hot weekend and the second a bit cooler as the temperature dropped, but extremely hot and spicy too. Both weekends included the finest DJ sets from the hottest names in the Electronic Dance Music culture, including David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W & W, Martin Solveig, Laidback Luke, Carl Cox, Afrojack, Avicii, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, and the list goes on. The line up was 80% the same for both weekends and the main changes were at the smaller stages.   

Video Interview: Omnia at Tomorrowland 2014 E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Video Interview: Omnia at Tomorrowland 2014The 10 year anniversary of the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium was spread over two weekends. Both were extremely successful, and certainly will be remembered as legendary. Festival visitors came from countries like Japan, Australia, Brazil, USA, India, Malaysia, and of course European countries like Germany, Great Britain, France, Holland, Cyprus, Greece and many more. The crowd in front of the main stage at Tomorrowland look like ambassadors from the United Nations with all their flags showing to the world that the young generation don't care about dichotomies between countries and  demand global peace and love. In challenging and strange arenas like the one we experience at Tomorrowland is not only the absolute symbol of hedonism and embodiment of real youthful madness, but also it becomes a symbol of unity and belonging to the global culture of electronic dance music, where national differences disappear in favour of the common good and progress.

Interview: MaRLo at Tomorrowland 2014 E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

MaRLo at Tomorrowland 2014Tomorrowland, the worlds leading electronic dance music festival, celebrated its 10th anniversary with two stunning weekends packed with fantastic DJ sets, excellent decor, outstanding stage design, and the most technologically advanced light effects and lazer shows. The recreational park De Shore in Boom near Antwerp in Belgium for two weekends, was transformed into a magnificent mythical world where fantasy co-exists with incredible music played by the worlds biggest DJ’s. What is more; Tomorrowland is a whole experience that even includes the most delicious dishes prepared by Belgium's finest chef's. While the first weekend was literally super hot, with temperatures reaching 31 Celsius, the second weekend was not so sunny, but more cloudy and not as warm. The result was to be able to walk around the festival and dance along with your friends without worrying about the intense sunshine.

1Mix Talks To Ferry Tayle About ‘The Wizard’ E-mail
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Written by Paul   

1Mix Talks To Ferry Tayle About ‘The Wizard’1Mix: Hi Ludovic, congratulations from us on the release of ‘The Wizard’. How does it feel to have the album out there?

FT: Thanks guys! Feels great! What can I say? I feel accomplished and very fulfilled right now! It’s been so long that I’ve worked on the album. Now I can focus on other things & spend more time with my family & friends, who I feel like I’ve barely seen of late!

1Mix: It’s been on release for a couple of weeks now. Have you picked up on any early signs of track favourites from fans?

FT: ‘The Way Back Home’ seemed to be the most popular track when it was released, but ‘The Most Important Thing’ with Ludovic H. & Sarah Shields seems to have become the new trending track off the album

Asian Trance Festival E-mail
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Written by Paul   

Asian Trance FestivalAsian Trance Festival on 1Mix Radio - Sataurday 30th August arranged and presented by 1Mix radio resident Danny Oh.. For the first time ever on radio. 1Mix Radio & Sundance Artist Management proudly presents, 18 Hours of Non-Stop music by Asian DJ Producers from around the world.

Asian Trance Festival "All About The Music" 1st Edition

More info and line-up soon!

Facebook Page

PledgeMusic - Dance, EDM Artists Embrace Direct-To-Fan Platform E-mail
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Written by Paul   

Pledge Music FansPledgeMusic. The option to forego the standard route through the music industry - in other words, signing with a label - has become increasingly viable for artists. For the most part, we have the Internet to thank for that. Avenues such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and even your every-day social media platforms have allowed artists to connect with their fans and sell their art without any real "middlemen" getting in the way. And since 2009 one platform, PledgeMusic, has made the direct-to-fan approach for artists even more fully realized.

Basically, the way the site works is like this: Artists can either do a direct-to-fan campaign or a pre-order. The latter works exactly how it sounds, because it allows artists to do exclusive and/or limited releases of their work right through Pledge. As for the direct-to-fan approach, it provides artists with a means of funding their upcoming project through contributions from fans. If they are unable to meet their goal, however, no money is collected from the contributors and the project is unsuccessful.

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